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Materials: Welcome

Our machining and fabrication services range from hardwoods to MDF to aluminum. At E. Leet, we work with many different suppliers to make sure we have what you need for your next project.


Natural Products

E. Leet has the machines and tooling to handle all of your natural wood needs. From small machined components to complete product assemblies, our new state of-the-art facility will handle your needs.


Manufactured Products

E. Leet has the machines and tooling to complete all of your plywood needs. From sourcing to production, we hand select materials to ensure the project is completed to specifications.


Composite Materials

At E. Leet, we are always looking for new materials to cut and ways to implement them into new products. Our willingness to learn and expand our limits ensures all avenues are explored. Do not hesitate to suggest new materials or applications!


Metal Sheet Goods

While we do not focus primarily on metals, we are able to cut most sheet goods. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our capabilities.

Truck of Logs


We have established long relationships and work closely with our local suppliers to ensure we can provide you with exactly what you need for your next project.

Materials: Clients
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